Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sleazy GOP Operative, Roger Stone, Threatens Spitzer's Dad

TPM has been all over this story. This guy Stone is a real piece of work. You just got to read this:
Stoned on Tape!

Here's the call.

And here's a recording of Stone from a recent TV appearance.

As we explained last night, Stone is claiming that unnamed Spitzer operatives broke into his New York City apartment, presumably with a voice impersonator, and placed the threatening message to Spitzer's father from Stone's phone.

As Benjamin also notes, this is an interesting defense as it appears to closely mimic the defense Stone proferred during his last scandal. Back in 1996 the National Enquirer claimed that Stone (then a Bob Dole spokesman) and his wife Nydia (whose phone it appears to have been that placed the offending phone call) were practitioners of what I guess as Republicans they would call the 'swinger' alternative lifestyle and routinely placed ads looking for "muscular, well hung, single men" to join them in expanding the bounds of traditional marriage.

Stone denied the reports and claimed that a disgruntled domestic employee had stolen photographs, sexual descriptions and checkbook information to mimic the Stones and set up impersonating them as a wife-swapping sock-puppet in Swinger publications up and down the East Coast.