Monday, August 25, 2008

You got a warrant? Yeah, I keep it in my shoe!

Joe Biden as sheriff Buford Pusser in Walking Tall"There's only two rules, and thats all... But don't ever forget them. Number one we enforce the law equally. Number two, any man caught taking a bribe gets his head knocked off by me."


The more I read stuff like this (from Stephanopolous on Good Morning America Weekend Sunday), the more comfortable I am with Biden's selection.
I have never seen a vice-presidential candidate, in the announcement, come out with THAT KIND of ferocity. Usually, you see it a little bit later in the campaign – not at the announcement. But Joe Biden showed one of the main reasons that Barack Obama picked him. They WANTED a scrapper out there. They WANT a fighter out there. They know Senator Biden will be able to get UNDER Senator McCain’s skin. They’ve known each other for an AWFUL long time – more than 35 years. As one Obama aide told me yesterday: We know that Joe Biden can go out there with a 2-BY-4 if he has to.
There's really no faster way to my heart than having a Democrat go after Republicans with a (rhetorical) 2-by-4.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden's "The Guy" Afterall

Well, it looked to be more than a rumor when the AP and CNN said it was confirmed, and then when ABC reported: Secret Service Headed To Biden's House, it was all but certain, but now we have this...

Obama's website:

So much for "I'm not the guy."

So be it. Let's get down to business then.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sen McCain Fathered Illegitimate Bat Child

Sen McCain Fathered Illegitimate Bat Child
Given all the attention they've gotten lately by their actually breaking a true story that's now dominating the news cycle, I'm kind of surprised I hadn't noticed until Digby pointed it out, that the Enquirer, the same magazine that for years has mercilessly pilloried every presidential hopeful including the Clintons, the Kerrys, and the Bushes, has been especially nasty to the Obamas this year, but one White House aspirant and family has been suspiciously missing...


There must be some explanation as to why there have been no stories about Vicki Iseman, no drug stories about Cindy, no stories about McCain's legendary temper tantrums. Why?
That's a good question.

[Excerpt is Digby's, but the links are my addition]

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Looking Good

Despite several talking heads in the last few days gloating about how well McCain is doing in this or that poll, here's the Princeton Election Consortium using its meta-analysis of all available state polling to graph "all possible outcomes" if the election were held today (via Ezra):

Princeton Election Consortium's meta-analysis of all state polling 8-5-08
That basically mirrors what has been showing (note that Obama could literally cede every tossup state to McCain and still win):'s meta-analysis of all state polling 8-5-08