Monday, August 27, 2007

Breaking: Alberto Gonzales Resigns

It's true.

CNN is floating as possible replacements for Gonzales, Michael Chertoff, Ted Olson, Frances Townsend, and Larry Thompson (I'll have video up soon as YouTube comes back up). The AP is saying a temporary replacement for Gonzales likely will be Solicitor General Paul Clement.

Can Bush recess appt a replacement? I thought Reid had figured out a way to put a stop to Bush being able to do that. I hope so. If there's any chance of a recess appt to replace him Congress better end their Aug vacation and reconvene right now.

Whoever replaces Gonzo will have to be privy to all of the skeletons in Bushco’s closets, and that’s a whole lot of bones (wiretapping/domestic spy ops, renditions, torture, detainees, …). No way anyone outside of the bubble gets a nomination. The Dems will likely confirm Chertoff even though the GAO report placed the blame for the Katrina failure squarely on his shoulders.

If the following is true, I guess Chertoff getting the job is all but a done deal:

CNN: Bush Plans To Install Inexperienced, Bush Loyalist Clay Johnson At Homeland Security