Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Insider Trading at Diebold?

Insider Trading at Diebold

It sure sounds like it.

BradBlog: Mass Sell-Off by Company Officers Occurs Simultaneously Just Days Prior to Stock Price Plunge, Announcement of Jettisoning of Election Division

On a recent Tuesday in August, several days after California Secretary of State, Debra Bowen's pronouncement of decertification and then new, restrictive recertification of Diebold Inc.'s voting systems, ten officers of the company simultaneously sold off some 10,379 shares of stock at a near 52-week high for the troubled company.

The ten Diebold insiders sold at $53.05 per share, netting more than half a million dollars in the transactions. The stock would begin to plummet nearly 15% a week later, just before it was disclosed that Diebold would spin off their elections division into a new company called "Premier Elections Solutions" after which the stock began a modest recovery.

Two days after the mass August 7th sale, two more Diebold officers would sell another 2,166 shares at the same $53.05 price.
video: E-Voting Hacked
And in other electronic voting machine news:

And here's related video news from 2 weeks ago about the tests that led to CA's SOS to decertify Dieblod, ES&S and Sequoia e-voting systems.