Thursday, August 30, 2007

Courts Rule Portions of GOP Scandals to Stay Hidden

As a regular reader of Laura Rosen's War and Piece, I don't often enough give a shout out to what she's got going on. Here's a couple excerpts that stood out today:Why all the secrecy surrounding Thomas Kontogiannis?

North County Times *: Judge to unseal transcripts from secret hearing for Cunningham co-conspirator, Kontogiannis. Portions of transcripts to remain sealed.

TPMmuckraker has more. I want to know what's the big secret surrounding Thomas Kontogiannis? I find it odd that someone they are now trying to portray as a "small-time crook" could warrant all the hush hush.

Nev Gov Jim Gibbons Lawyers Up Big-Time
Laura also dishes the latest scoop on Nev Gov. Jim Gibbons (R).

A Win for "State Secrets" Protects a Defense Contractor Benefactor of Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons -- and his Air Force Allies.

Reno Gazette-Journal:

In a ruling that could make it difficult for former eTreppid software designer Dennis Montgomery to argue his lawsuit against the company, a federal judge Wednesday granted a Department of Defense request for a protective order to ensure no material involving national security is released. ...
Some background here and here.
Late Update from TPMmuckraker: Tommy K: Intelligence Asset?

Heh, I KNEW it!

More from Laura Rozen here, and background here, here, here, here, and here.

Later Update: Apparently Kontogiannis, while on bail and "forbidden travel outside of federal custody" is currently staying at a "five-star hotel in Greece."