Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mine Safety Undermined By Bush

KO takes a look at Richard Stickler, the mine industry exec with a poor safety record Bush had to recess appoint to become the Fed Mine Safety Chief last year. He was so bad he couldn't get past the then Republican-controlled Senate.

Bush overruled Congress to put the lives of miners in this guy's hands, and now this is who will be responsible for investigating this latest mine disaster.

Huffington Post:
Mine Safety Czar Richard Stickler: Another Bush Fox Guarding the Henhouse
The man who will oversee the federal government's investigation into the disaster that has trapped six workers in a Utah coal mine for over a week was twice rejected for his current job by senators concerned about his own safety record when he managed mines in the private sector.

President George W. Bush resorted to a recess appointment in October 2006 to anoint Richard Stickler as the nation's mine safety czar after it became clear he could not receive enough support even in a GOP-controlled Senate.