Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bush's Potemkin Surge Denies Reality in Iraq

Bill Moyers takes a look at the vast differences between Bushco's Potemkin Iraq PR campaign and what is really going on in Iraq.

As the White house launches an "Iraq War Room" to desperately try to spin the coverage of the occupation in Iraq ahead of their long awaited faux Petraeus report to congress next month, reality isn't coooperating. Despite the escalation which has pushed our military to its breaking point, Iraqi deaths have doubled since the surge began and US military casualties are way up too. More and more soldiers are speaking out, calling the White House's claims "surreal", yet much of the media remains content to report just what Bushco wants them to.

Didn't the msm learn anything from their pathetic sycophantic shilling for the White House in the lead up to the war? Apparently not.