Friday, August 3, 2007

Dodd Blindsides O'Lielly With Facts

Full Dodd interview plus Dennis Miller weighs in and more from the show.

O'Reilly got hit with a dose of the truth from Sen Chris Dodd and his head exploded. Billo spent the rest of the show calling Sen Dodd a liar (he calls Dodd "dishonest" and a "propagandist". Pot, meet Kettle). Then fallen star (right-wing) comedian Dennis Miller comes on to try and make Daily Kos look bad for Billo but just spews innane vulgarities.

Here's a partial transcript of the Dodd-O'Lielly bout, with links to back up or refute the point trying to to be made:

O'Reilly: Eight or ten people what are you crazy? There's thousands of vile postings on that website. Thousands!

Sen Dodd: Mr O'Reilly, there are thousands on yours posting as well

O'Reilly: No there are not! There aren't any on my posting.

Sen Dodd: Oh, yes there are.

O'Reilly: We take them off right away.

Sen Dodd: You, You were talking about al Qaeda attacking San Francisco, blowing up San Francisco.

O'Reilly: When did I say that, Senator? ...(continued)