Friday, August 3, 2007

Malkin: "The Leftists Have Lost Their Heads"

Malkin's attack tonight on DKos, Cafferty, Barney Frank, Randi Rhodes, Dem Candidates & Yearly Kos, all in just over 2 minutes. Did she leave anyone out?

O'Reilly stand-in Michelle Malkin starts by slamming Daily Kos again for a few anonymous comments that dared criticize the trillion $ cost of the war and how little of that money would have made a huge difference in our national infrastructure. She then goes after CNN's Jack Cafferty, Air America's Rhandy Rhodes and Rep Barney Frank for echoing the same thing. Way to tie everything to Daily Kos, Michelle. It all must have snowballed from those anonymous comments. Right? Oh the power of the Daily Kos!

LOL! Seriously, the question of whether we could better take care of our problems at home without the trillion $ Iraq ball and chain is exactly what people should be asking.