Friday, November 30, 2007

O'Reilly Goes After McClellan Sends Fox News Goons to His Home

O'Reilly goes ballistic over former White House press secretary Scott McClellan's publisher's recent revelations for not coming out and clarifying whether he is calling Bush a liar in his upcoming book or not.

O'Reilly: It's not going to hurt his dopey book sales to come out and clear the air about a very serious allegation about people he worked with, people he was close to. What's the matter with this McClellan?
So Billo, just as he has done so many times before, sent his minions out to ambush him at his home but there was no answer. The big giant head then gets himself all worked up, screaming and shaking his finger and he basically calls Scott a wimp in playgroundspeak.

Word to Scotty. Billo's coming to your home and insulting your manliness in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers. You just gonna take that?