Friday, November 9, 2007

Rudy Giuliani's Right Hand Man, Bernie Kerik's Scandal Rap Sheet

TPM's Ultimate Kerik Scandal List!

TPM's Ultimate Kerik Scandal List!In Thursday's indictment:

-- Bribery. Accepted $255,000 worth of renovations to his apartment [...]
-- Tax fraud. Kerik failed to report $236,269 in rent for his Upper East Side apartment [...]
-- More tax fraud. Kerik also failed to disclose $20,000 in consulting fees from a computer software company and $75,953 in advances for writing his autobiography.
-- Even more tax fraud. Kerik failed to report his wages to his nanny (more about that below), claimed $80,000 in phony charitable contributions, and falsely claimed a home office deduction for a home he had not moved into yet.
-- False statements. Lied on application for head of Department of Homeland Security [...]
-- Deported from Saudi Arabia. [...]
-- Bringing Tammany to Rikers. Kerik was named in a 1999 civil suit alleging that correctional officers were coerced into supporting Mayor Giuliania’s campaign efforts and that those who refused or privately supported Democrats were punished or run out of their jobs.
-- Gifts from mob-tied buddy. Interstate, that mob-connected construction company hired the best man at Mr. Kerik's wedding, his good friend Lawrence Ray, on Kerik's recommendation in late 1998. Ray, who has mob ties, said he gave Kerik $7,000 worth of cash and other gifts [...]
-- 9/11 love nest. Kerik used a downtown Manhattan apartment, originally donated for the use of weary police and rescue workers who were helping at Ground Zero, for extramarital trysts with celebrity book editor Judith Regan and Jeanette Pinero, a city correction officer [...]
-- Retaliation against city employees for crossing his mistress. [...]
-- Using homicide detectives to find his other mistress's lost cell phone. [...]
-- Used city detectives as researchers for his book. Kerik was fined $2,500 by the New York City Conflicts of Interest Board in 2002 for using a police sergeant and two detectives to research his autobiography.
-- Shirked condo fees until a warrant was issued for his arrest. [..]
-- Ran prison cigarette slush fund. [...]
-- The nanny. In 2002 and 2003, Kerik failed to pay taxes for a family nanny-housekeeper who might have been in the country illegally. She returned to Mexico. [...]
And that's not all. Check it out.

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