Thursday, November 29, 2007

George 'Macaca' Allen Luvs YouTube, the Internets & Fred Thompson

Here's George Felix 'Macaca' Allen saying several things I never would have expected him to say.

He apparently loves YouTube and the internet and defends Fred Thompson's use of a negative "attack ad" at the CNN YouTube debate thusly:
Allen: Why would you say it's negative? It's their own words.
Wow!! He's apparently learned quite well from what did him in last November. I would have sworn that we had seen the last of George Allen, but I would have been so wrong. Apparently Fred Thompson doesn't think Allen's macaca moment, the severed deer head story, his white supremicist buddies, nor his widely reported proclivity for using the "N" word will become a noose around his campaign's neck. What's more, Allen even hints that may try to make a political comeback at some point in the future. In the meantime he'll apparently be dividing his time between stumping for Thompson and his duties as the presidential scholar for the Reagan Ranch (Well, at least that last part comes as no surprise).