Thursday, November 29, 2007

Debate- Giuliani Asked About Creative Bookkeeping To Hide Travel Expenses

Although this latest Rudy scandal only broke just yesterday afternoon, to Anderson Cooper’s credit he at least made sure Rudy was called on it during last night’s CNN YouTube debate.

Rudy says “it wasn’t true” (really? what part?) and that he had “nothing to do with the handling” of the records and Cooper didn’t follow up (ok it was short notice) by asking him to explain why then were his travel costs, which included at least 11 trips to the Hamptons “during the time when he was beginning an extramarital relationship with future wife Judith Nathan in the Hamptons,” later split up and billed to obscure agencies that had nothing to do with the mayor’s security detail. Even if we were to be so gullible as to just take Rudy at his word (and we won’t, but will the msm?) that he had nothing to do with the cooking of the books to hide his travel expenses (presumably at least in part so he could spend time with then-mistress Judy), is this Enron-for-philanderers kind of accounting system really the answer to our current federal budget woes?