Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bush's 'Sixteenth Century Concept of Judicial Conduct'

Resurrecting the Star Chamber

No, it's not a remake of the movie. This is the sad but true story of Al-Timimi and Omar Khadr, and the desecration of justice under Bush.

... Reports have begun to circulate that the Administration has put together a group of scholars headed by a right-wing activist judge to craft legislation to introduce a new court of Star Chamber, perhaps to be floated in the coming year. As we see in the public pronouncements of the Bush Administration, accusations leveled at detainees in the war on terror are leveled for political effect, and often to parallel partisan political campaigns. If those accusations are rejected by a court, it therefore undermines confidence in the Administration and the Party. Which is why, in the Bush view of justice, a failure to convict is unacceptable. And which is why the Bush view of justice is no justice at all. ... more
Cuz if you're really going to go pre-Habeas Corpus Act, you gotta have your own Star Chamber.