Friday, November 16, 2007

Cafferty: Leaked Inside Look At Guantanamo 'A Little Scary'

Cafferty: “We’ve got an inside look at the early days of Guantanamo Bay prison camp. It’s emerging and it’s a little scary. A confidential 2003 manual that was leaked onto the internet shows that military officials had a policy of denying some detainees access to Red Cross monitors. … Some experts are saying that this policy may in fact have violated international law. …”
The Guantanamo prison camp's 2003 field operations manual was posted on Wikileaks, a Web site that encourages posting of leaked materials. The Pentagon claims "that the manual appeared genuine but described outdated policies and that all Guantánamo detainees could now see Red Cross monitors." Whew, I guess that clears that up. I mean, they said so so it must be true, and after all that was like 4 years ago so it's not like anyone could still be held accountable for apparent violations of international law from that far back, and besides, if they were in Gitmo they must have been really really bad guys who deserved never to see the light of day anyway or they wouldn't have been there in the first place, right? So why are so many of Jack's emailers still so worked up about it?