Monday, November 26, 2007

Complete Democratic Debate at UNLV 11-15-07

It took a while, and several attempts to get this up on google video. This is the full-length (2 hr) debate at UNLV, Las Vegas Nevada on Nov 15, 2007. See a highlight video from this debate with a minute or so of each candidate's applause-getters here.

Most noteworthy is the 6 min back and forth between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to start the night, and then Wolf Blitzer's snub of John Edwards, not allowing him to respond after Hillary accused him of "throwing mud" and using tactics out of "the right-wing playbook," choosing instead to go to Joe Biden. That was a real debate-killer for Edwards courtesy of CNN. Also noteworthy is the softball question to Hillary to close the debate and the controversy surrounding it.

How fair was CNN in moderating the debate? You decide:

Dodd talk clock UNLVAlso:

Full Democratic Presidential Debate at Drexel University 10-30-07

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