Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Republican Family Values

"Low and behold, despite their preaching, has the GOP reached critical mass on hypocrisy?"

"Here's the laundry list. Even as Republicans were in the midst of condemning Clinton, one of the House leadership, the man about to be Speaker, Congressman Bob Livingston, was having his own affair ... And the man who led the push for impeachment as Speaker Newt Gingrich was up to the same thing as he confessed on the radio this year. ... Last year there were those risqué emails from Republican Mark Foley to congressional pages, and Louisiana Senator David Vitter had to confess to links with a Washington escort service, ... And now the latest coup de grâce, Larry Craig ..."
That was a surprisingly good rundown by Chris Matthews. I just wish he would have delved a little deeper into the depths of depravity the GOP has fallen into since their wasting nearly $80 million in their relentless, holier than thou, attacks on Bill Clinton. It should also have included NC Republican lawmaker, pastor and Christian Action League president, Coy C. Privette recently found guilty for frequenting hookers, Florida Rep. Bob Allen for his much more shocking bathroom sex sting arrest than Sen Craig's, former White House spiritual advisor, Rev Ted "Tweaker" Haggard, for his meth & manwhore addictions, and Glenn Murphy, Jr., the Chair of the Young Republican National Federation who had to ubruptly resign following his arrest for sodomizing a sleeping man. IMHO, that would have helped to provide a much clearer picture on where Republicans actually stand on family values these days as opposed to what they like to claim..