Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sen Joe Lieberman: Worst Person in the World!

Worse to DNI Mike McConnell for telling Congress that the new expanded spy powers contributed to German terror arrests, even though the "information leading to the arrests was collected last year, before the law was updated."

Worser to Brit Hume of Faux News for his "exclusive" Gen Petraeus "briefing for America.”

And Worst Person to Sen Joe Lieberman who said on Faux News this Sept 11:
"Let me just say in response to the moment of silence we just were part of, that that unity that we felt after September 11, we have to find a way to get it back because we’ve descended into terrible, partisan political sniping."
"And what is Senator Lieberman's first step towards finding that way back? He's going to attend tonight's so called freedom concert, featuring Coultergeist who just yesterday said that the Democrats want us to lose and that the media is quote "treasonous." Featuring Ollie North, who said a year ago that a Democratic Congress meant, quote, "nuclear weapons in the hands of fanatics." Starring Newt Gingrich who said that critics of the Bush administration are similar to, quote, "those who enabled Hitler," and hosted by Sean Hannity, who last spring called Senate Majority Leader Reid a, quote, "propaganda minister for our enemies." "

"Great start back towards unity Senator. Go commune with the people who wasted and manipulated that unity into the attempt to extinguish the media, one of the political parties, and our freedom of speech."