Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blackwater Contractors Already Guilty of Murder in Iraqi Public's Eye

Lara Logan ♥ reports from Baghdad on how the Blackwater shooting incident on Sun that left "as many as 28 people dead." with concurrent US and Iraqi investigations underway, has already handed "a huge propaganda victory for America's enemies in Iraq" regardless of what the eventual findings may be. As she points out, "the Iraqi people and their Prime Minister, seem to have found Blackwater's security contractors guilty of murder already."

WaPo: Maliki said a preliminary report into the incident shows that the Blackwater guards were not acting in self-defense when they began shooting.

"We will not allow Iraqis to be killed in cold blood," Maliki said. "There is a sense of tension and anger among all Iraqis, including the government, over this crime."
Lara includes in her coverage a small clip from the now infamous " Trophy Video" of contractors cruising and shooting up Iraq set to Elvis tunage to help explain the hatred Iraqis already felt for the contractors even before this latest incident. Just like Abu Ghraib, the sad fact is that the true cost of the fallout from this incident will be measured in even more American lives lost in a country that already does not want us there, and a whopping 60% think it is justifiable to kill our soldiers, all in no small part due to outrages just like this. :(

UPDATE: Spencer Ackerman at TPMmuckraker has more: