Sunday, September 9, 2007

Osama is a Liberal Democrat Blogger

Or so the Right-Wing media machine wants you to believe.

David Brooks thinks bin Laden has "been sitting around reading lefty blogs" and posting in the comments.
Watch it:

ThinkProgress and C&L have more.

It doesn't stop there. Faux News' Sean Hannity thinks bin Laden sounds like Democrats.
Watch it. I & II
News Hounds has more.

And you know Faux News' John Gibson had to join in too. He gets in an Osama smear against the Democrats, Kieth Olbermann, and DailyKos all in one sentence.
"Does Osama bin Laden sound like a Democrat, or do the Democrats sound like Osama?" I read this thing today and said you know, I've heard this stuff before. Finally this afternoon it came to me, where i'd heard it. Where? In the special commentaries of [Kieth Olbermann] and the speeches of angry Democrats trying to make nice with the Daily Kos ..."
Listen to it:
And CNN's Kelli Arena thinks Osama sounds like an “angry blogger.”
Watch it:
ThinkProgress also points out:
In 2004, Arena baselessly claimed that there is “some speculation that Al Qaeda believes it has a better chance of winning in Iraq if John Kerry is in the White House.”
This is by no means the first time the Right-Wing media machine has done this following an Osama recording release. The last time Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson were among the newscasters pundits who echoed the same thing. You don't hear any mention from the msm that in his video Osama actually slams the Dems, and promised to lower taxes, which sounds a lot more like that other party I think. Besides, if they want to be honest about who Osama bin laden really sounds like, well, Digby nailed it a couple years ago. lol.

ThinkProgress and News Hounds have contact info to send complaints (be nice) about the slanderously biased coverage.

We definitely need to do something before the msm tries to undermine the 2008 Presidential election with their lies just like they did before.

[Late Update] ThinkProgress:
Yesterday, the New York Post published an editorial equating Osama bin Laden and his recent video tape with

If Osama bin Laden ever gets tired of waging global jihad, perhaps he should interview for a job with
So that's PBS, CNN, the NY Post, and of course, Faux. We'll keep an eye out for more.