Saturday, July 14, 2007

Whitehouse Cover-up in Tillman Death?

C&L:Whitehouse secrets over Pat Tillman's death

And the disgraceful Pat Tillman saga continues.. How’s this for “supporting the troops” and respecting their families?

Seattle Times:
The White House has refused to give Congress documents about the death of former NFL player Pat Tillman, with White House counsel Fred Fielding saying that certain papers relating to discussion of the friendly-fire shooting “implicate Executive Branch confidentiality interests.” ...
Late Update: Steve Benen @ TPM has more.

Late Update: It gets worse. Much Worse.

TPMmuckraker: Was Pat Tillman murdered?
[A]ccording to the AP, medical examiners questioned the close proximity of three bullet holes in Tillman's forehead, fired from ten yards away. There are questions -- which will be difficult to hear, considering Tillman's heroism -- that Tillman was not well-liked within his unit. Other elements of the circumstances surrounding Tillman's death appear difficult to reconcile with the friendly-fire ruling -- which came after the Army announced that Tillman died in combat: