Tuesday, July 31, 2007

O'Leilly smears DailyKos and Dems Again

This time it's over a photoshopped pic he claims was posted on the Daily Kos website that apparently shows Lieberman helping Bush out with a busted zipper, or at least that's what the man was apparently doing in the picture that someone photoshopped Lieberman's head instead. What's so "vile" about that? Does Bill O have a dirty mind or what?"

Loyal BushieThis guy looks to be applying for a US Atty position

We're not haters Bill O., we're laughers, and that photoshop is funny, and is a perfect metaphor for Lieberman's limitless devotion to Bush.

original picture >>

The real question is was this pic ever posted on the main page or did Faux News dig it up from the comments or diaries? O'Lielly is trying to shame the Dem Presidential candidated from attending the event because he portrays Daily Kos and liberal blogs in general as "haters. Here's the video of tonight's All Spin Zone tirade:

The fued between O'Lielly and Dailykos started when Bill O. attacked Jet Blue's sponsorship of the Yearly Kos event this weekend which resulted in Jet Blue pulling their logo from the event but still supplying tickets.

Well, Daily Kos, Americablog, and Atrios have been fighting back big time. Americablog keeps digging up hateful comments from registered posters on O'Lielly's web forum that are even worse than the anonymous comments from threads at Dailykos.com that Bill O. has been spouting off about and along with "Brave New Films" and other sites has helped organize protests to Faux News advertisers on O'Liely's show, especially Home Depot, and Monday was declared "Fallafel Day"

Bill O'Reilly, class act
by kos

A treat for O'Reilly's fans heading on over here to check out the "hate":
During the course of Defendant BILL O'REILLY's sexual rant, it became clear that he was using a vibrator upon himself, and that he ejaculated.
Incidentally, there are two sides in this battle: 1) the Coulter/O'Reilly/Limbaugh side, and then there's 2) the Netroots/Colbert/Olbermann side. Funny how things have shaken out.
I know, way too much info. Sorry.

Late Update: BREAKING... Home Depot dumps O'Reilly: "We will not... advertise on the Bill O’Reilly show"

Later Update:Here's some interesting trivia that I didn't know about the original pic:
Here's the deal; the internets have been mysteriously scrubbed clean of the story, but the guy in the picture on his knees is Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi and the buggerer is Sweden's Prime Minister Goran Persson. They were all together in DC in June of 2001. Like I say, I can't find the original zipper failure story, but here's another picture taken at the same time:wikipedia pic from whitehouse website

More Trivia: And here's a copy of the original in a Norwegian paper:

(I believe its caption says it is a "clever photoshop" or "A few photoshop-capable ..." something to that effect. Anyone know Norwegian?)