Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Three and a Half Hours Until ...

They open the doors to my state's Democratic caucuses.

And I might as well say it - John Cole speaks for me today. Every fricking word.

Except for the not voting today part.


Late Update - I haven't even had time to see what all went down across the country on Super Tues other than a glance here. Looks like Obama pretty much kicked Hillary's ass in total states (14-10 I believe) and maybe even in delegates, but he looks to be still slightly behind overall, but he's gained considerably and he's got waaay more cash on hand and Kos says "The calendar up ahead is tailor made for Obama." We'll hear more about the delegates tomorrow I guess, but just look at what he did in my home state. He slaughtered Hillary almost 3 to 1.
Barack Obama bests Hillary Clinton almost three to one in Kansas caucus