Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ralph Nader Officially Announces 2008 Spoiler Presidential Candidacy

Here we go again. this morning on Meet the Press:

Um, Message to Ralph Nader:

Maybe if Nader had actually spent any time in the last eight years building a viable third party instead of throwing Hail-Mary passes and accepting dirty cash and support from Republicans and reichwing orgs, I’d still have a shred of respect for him. As it is, he deserves no respect whatsoever for a number of reasons.

"GOP donors funding Nader Bush supporters give independent’s bid a financial lift"

"Nader defends GOP cash Candidate says he’s keeping money"

"Nader’s Republican pipe dream"

Look at the groups that Nader gets his support from: Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation, a corporate front funded by Exxon, Hertz Corp., Philip Morris, Amoco, Bell Atlantic, Citibank, General Electric and General Motors and so on.

more: Organized Crime Ring: Killer Koch’s Citizens for a Sound Economy - (Nader's buddies)

Let's face it. Nader doesn't give a rat's ass about being viable or building a third party. This is just another way he can bleed the corporations and Republicans some more because he knows they will spend millions supporting his candidacy, and that is all he has ever really cared about.