Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sen McCain Fathered Illegitimate Bat Child

Sen McCain Fathered Illegitimate Bat Child
Given all the attention they've gotten lately by their actually breaking a true story that's now dominating the news cycle, I'm kind of surprised I hadn't noticed until Digby pointed it out, that the Enquirer, the same magazine that for years has mercilessly pilloried every presidential hopeful including the Clintons, the Kerrys, and the Bushes, has been especially nasty to the Obamas this year, but one White House aspirant and family has been suspiciously missing...


There must be some explanation as to why there have been no stories about Vicki Iseman, no drug stories about Cindy, no stories about McCain's legendary temper tantrums. Why?
That's a good question.

[Excerpt is Digby's, but the links are my addition]