Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When Old Things Become New Again: Nader Exploring a Possible 2008 Spoiler Candidacy

So Ralph Nader has launched an exploratory website that ironically asks “Which side are you on?” Right back at you Ralph.

Last time around Nader was backed by Koch’s rightwing think tank/corporate front group, Citizens for a Sound Economy (now FreedomWorks), so don’t be surprised this time when the billionaire-financed rightwing attack machine Freedom’s Watch backs him with their supposed $250 million dollar war chest. I’m just saying. CNN’s Abbi Tatton tells that Nader is saying that if he can “raise 10 million dollars and to rustle up enough lawyers to help him get ballot access, then he is definitely going to do this,” and we already know Ralph doesn’t have a conscience problem with getting his back scratched by republicans.

[Update] And if you thought I was hard on traitor-Nader. Check John Aravosis out.